Welcoming The Icebreaker

It’s become a “rite of passage” in Toastmasters that the first speech is about the speaker. It makes sense since this will serve as an introduction. The opportunity doesn’t have to be intimidating. You know your subject. With little preparation you can pull out a few life highlights, experiences or goals. It can feel good to let others know just who you are.

The style used to prepare and deliver the speech is entirely up to you. Whether you’re an outliner, like to elaborate on principles or need to read notes out loud – you will be supported. You may have no idea which style of presentation works, so try preparing in different ways and present them to someone who knows you well and to your Toastmaster mentor.

An active Toastmaster that seeks to complete the exercises should look to subsequent speeches to hone their skills. The first one has the ultimate goal of getting you up there and talking. By practicing and listening to one’s self prior to presenting, experience is gained. Confidence comes from making an action routine. The more attempts to “talk it out” prior to the meeting the more confident the performance will be.

We have many new members and thus there are Icebreakers to follow. Isn’t this why you became a member? Have fun with it because it’s all about you and your club is here to support you.

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