Thinking Outside The Box, The Easy Way

I love doing Table Topics and I really enjoy doing it in a unique way. One time I presented each victim, I mean speaker, with two bags. In each bag were pieces of paper, each with a single word. The speaker had to draw a word from each bag, and use them in a short story. I wish I had kept the list of words, because we had some really great stories.

Everybody thought this was great fun and a refreshing way to do Table Topics. Am I a creative genius? You might think so, but really, I’m not. My secret weapon is something called Google. By entering three words, “Toastmasters Table Topics,” I was presented with a list of so many creative ideas. As you know from our meetings, Toastmasters love to share and be helpful, and that helpfulness exists on the internet too.

There are many Toastmaster resources beyond the website and you can find them with Google. Are you the Toastmaster of the next meeting and can’t come up with a fun theme? Try searching for “Toastmaster meeting themes” for fun ideas. You can find new ideas for almost every role on the agenda except for the timer. Maybe you can be the first to share a new idea for that role.

By Mike Keeler, ACS, CL