In 2008, Chamber Voices earned the highest honor available by being recognized as a President’s Distinguished Club for the fourth year in a row. It was the sixth time the club earned the distinction having also been recognized as Distinguished and Select Distinguished during Chamber Voices’ long and well decorated history.

Chamber Voices was charted in December 1998 by Bon Appetit and Curtain Call Toastmaster clubs. The Club Sponsors were Phil Cohen and Gayle Brown. The Club Mentors were Kay Collis and David Gahn. Along with Kay, Joe Estrada remains with the club as the two remaining Charter Members.

Since the club’s inception, and as an on-going sponsor, the Las Vegas Chamber Metro of Commerce has had a very close relationship with Chamber Voices. The club was established following the values and mission of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and the club continues to provide an invaluable educational tool for Chamber Members. In fact all club members also members of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Along with the six President’s Distinguished honors Chamber Voices has earned, the club has in turn founded several other Toastmasters Clubs including Northern Voices, Viva Las Voices, Cable Masters, Desert Democrats, Vegas Young Professionals Strip View Speakers, and Network Toastmasters.

While the list is too extensive to detail, several individuals have emerged as leaders from Chamber Voices. Five Toastmasters Area Governors have called Chamber Voices their home club including Corinne Shearer, Cheryl Miller, Richard Thomas, Steve Goldstein and Mike Keeler. Cheryl Miller has also served as Division Governor and District Public Relations Officer. Charter Member Kay Collis has served as District Public Relations Officer, Lt. Governor Education & Training and District Governor.

Celebrating their 11th Anniversary in 2009, Chamber Voices continues to develop outstanding communicators and reliable leaders as well as sponsor new clubs.

Year                  Honor                                       President
2012-2013      President’s Distinguished      Kristina Greer

2011-2012      President’s Distinguished      Nate Rosenberg

2010-2011      President’s Distinguished      Deborah Williams

2009-2010      President’s Distinguished      Paul Mangual

2008-2009      President’s Distinguished      David Entler

2007-2008      President’s Distinguished      Richard Thomas

2006-2007      President’s Distinguished      Steve Goldstein

2005-2006      President’s Distinguished      Michelle Thompson

2004-2005      President’s Distinguished      Mike Keeler

2003-2004      Distinguished                          Joe Estrada

2002-2003      President’s Distinguished     Cheryl Miller

2000-2001      Select Distinguished             John Futrell

1999-2000      President’s Distinguished     Kay Collis

1998                Club Chartered